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David & Jennifer Model - Damascus Breakfast Catering

Meet the owners David & Jennifer Model

If you need catering services for your business get-together or family event, Mr. Omelette Catering has everything you need, from hot and fluffy omelets to ice cream and vegetable platters. David and Jennifer Model have been dedicated to providing delicious and healthy Damascus breakfast catering services after studying food and nutrition at the University of Maryland, and our dedication to quality catering has been consistent for over 25 years.

Our Modified Omelette Party has everything you need to satisfy your guests at any event, with omelettes that come with cheese, sour cream, vegetables, and salsa, as well as three cold salads and two different kinds of bread. This option also includes a chef, and a wait staff is available with an additional fee. Our omelette selections include:

  • Sauteed Onions
  • Spinach
  • Tri-Color Peppers
  • Mushrooms
  • Chopped Tomato
  • Crumbled Feta Cheese
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Salsa
  • Sour Cream

Damascus Breakfast CateringIf you are hosting a corporate party or meeting, our Corporate Package has everything you need. All of our omelette selections are available, as well as many different courses such as:

  • Belgian waffles
  • French toast
  • Ice cream
  • Bagels
  • Mini muffins
  • Danishes
  • Croissants
  • Vegetable platters

If you decide on catering with pasta, we have lots of different fresh and savory, made-to-order pastas to choose from. With our Mrs. Party Pasta option, you can choose two of the following pastas:

  • Bowtie Pasta
  • Eggplant Pasta
  • Fettuccine
  • Fusilli Pasta
  • Linguine
  • Low Fat or Regular Cheese Tortellini
  • Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Penne Pasta
  • Ravioli
  • Rigatoni Pasta
  • Three Cheese Vegetable Neapolitan Lasagna
  • Ziti

This a great option for weddings, business parties, and dinner parties. Our pastas are made with fresh vegetables, robust garlic, and creamy cheeses, and will arrive on time as soon as the party gets started.

Damascus Breakfast CateringOur Modified Mrs. Crepe Party is excellent for celebrations. There are plenty of different options available when it comes to our savory crepes. Because our crepes are made-to-order, your guests can watch the prepared right before their eyes. Our diverse menu includes:

  • Asparagus: With Grated Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese: with Pesto Sauce
  • Fillet of Flounder: with White Wine and Sauce
  • Italian Artichokes: with Rice and Alfredo Sauce
  • Layered Refried Beans, Spanish Ratatouille: with Homemade Tomato-Basil Sauce
  • Rice and Plum Tomatoes: with Mango Salsa Verde
  • Smoked Salmon: with Cream Cheese, Pine Nuts, and Fresh Dill
  • Spinach: with Fresh Mushrooms and Feta Cheese

Damascus Breakfast CateringIf you are hosting a luncheon, we offer Special Luncheon Packages for a great lunch catering experience. This comes with three different options:

  • Plan A includes:
  • Chunky White
  • Delicious Gefile Fish
  • Mushroom Egg and Onion Salad
  • White Tuna Salad
  • Assorted Breads
  • Desserts
  • Beverages

Plan B includes all of Plan A, as well as:

  • Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon: with Salad Platter of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives, and Bermuda Onions.

Plan C includes all of Plan A and B, as well as:

  • Large Whole Whitefish Filet Smoked Sliced Sable: Sliced Baked Salmon.

We provide delicious and healthy Damascus breakfast catering services in Gaithersburg Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Be sure to visit our website for more information and pictures of all of our delicious entrees. If you need catering services for a special event, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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    The omelettes were great… and it was so much fun watching you create them.
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